Pedro Fontanarrosa

Pedro Fontanarrosa

Graduate Researcher, Ph.D.

University of Utah, Utah

Pedro Fontanarrosa is a Ph.D. student at the University of Utah studying Biomedical Engineering. His current research is on the design, modeling, and analysis of genetic regulatory networks (i.e., genetic circuits), focusing on predicting and analyzing circuit failures and developing methods for the re-design of genetic circuits to avoid these circuit failures.


  • Synthetic Biology
  • Genetic Circuit Design
  • Genetic Circuit Modeling
  • Hazard and Glitch Analysis
  • Consortium Genetic Logic Synthesis and Modeling
  • Genetic Circuit Failures


  • Ph.D in BioMedical Engineering, present

    University of Utah

  • MEng in Biological Engineering, 2017

    University of Utah

  • Master in Evolutionary Biology, 2014

    Universidad de Buenos Aires